Ann Dempsey

I’m Ann, I am a former Youth worker/residential worker I am now a proud Mum to my toddler and doing what I can with KTMR from home. So, I’m currently helping out here by writing reviews and editing the page but I started off 13 years ago being the KTMR Photographer doing some photos for Matt in the early gig days. I am passionate about music and my days rarely go by without listening and singing to a seriously eclectic mix of music classical to hardcore to metal and everything in between really. I love to write in my spare time anything from random opinion pieces to poetry and when there is time, I like to jump on my Ps4 and chill out with some gaming.

Matt Wilton 

Hiya, I am Matt, I am a 35-year-old proud Cornish man. Here's a little about me. I love to cook, Mountain Bike, Surf, Kayak and enjoying time with my family and friends. My main passion is music and promoting. I originally came up with KTMR around 13 years ago after going to my local music venue and seeing a band called The Sketch. After seeing The Sketch I started following them around and telling people about them, I was intrigued by how many bands there were that were unheard and unsigned, so I started KTMR (Keeping the Music Real). It was set up as a promoting company which helped put on gigs and promote bands. We worked with bands such as Your Army and The Joe Public plus many others.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to take a step back but we are back and aim to be bigger and better than ever. KTMR isn't about one type of music we cater to Country, Indie, Rock and many other genres. So welcome to KTMR let's keep the music real.

Neil Irving

I'm Neil Irving, I'm 35 and have known Matt since becoming friends in secondary school. I have a passion for music and have seen a diverse range of artists. I love everything from Blues, R&B, Jazz, Soul, Rock, Southern Rock and some Funk, Pop, Metal and Rap. 


I'm currently an Event Steward and have worked at a number of music festivals (Green Man, Isle of Wight Festival and NASS Festival), as well as Football and Cricket fixtures. I'd love to get back to promoting gigs and make our return better than our first run as KTMR.