Artistic Development
Social Media Management

At KTMR we are looking to promote bands and artists, we will look to put on a number of gigs with our artists and bands, as well as hosting interviews on our YouTube channel with our bands as well as others who we aren't in partnership with. These interviews will look to discuss a variety of things centered around being in a band, and recording music etc.

We will promote our acts, with regular gigs, we will also look to increase the number of artists we are working with and promote them with features on the website and other platforms to promote new music and get them out to as many fans and potential fans as possible. In the run-up to the night we always publicise our gigs on various social media. We will also sell tickets to these gigs. Additionally, we will promote country artists on Phoenix Country Radio based in Belfast whom we have a partnership with. 

We are active and will be promoting our artists across all social media platforms. Links to our socials are at the bottom of the website pages and will be updated regularly, with content from our artists along with interviews and other content on YouTube etc. We are also able to  showcase highlights of our gigs to give listeners a preview of bands we are promoting.


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